Breast Buddies - Nursing Necklaces

When a mother chooses to breastfeed her child, she is giving her baby the best possible nutritional start in life. However, breastfeeding your child is not always easy. In the majority of cases it takes time, patience and perseverance. The Breast Buddies Nursing Necklace has been lovingly and thoughtfully designed and created to support a mother in her positive choice to breastfeed her precious one.

Vibrant, original and stylish in colour, these Nursing Necklaces are designed to stimulate baby and encourage her to play with the colourful array of different sized beads. The Nursing Necklace is a novel, fun, practical and inexpensive tool to stimulate baby at feeding time.

No longer will a breastfeeding mother have to experience discomfort from baby pinching motherís skin and pulling her hair. Instead, baby will be stimulated by the colourful necklace and will feed happily with both mother and child relaxed and contented as a result.

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Newborn Nursing Necklace

As newborn babies see best in contrasting colours, this necklace is made with that in mind.


Fusion Nursing Necklace

Our brightly coloured 'Fusion' Nursing Necklace will introduce your baby to a range of exciting colours.


Lil' Star Nursing Necklace

This Breast Buddies brightly coloured Lil' Star Nursing Necklace will introduce your baby to a range of exciting colours.


This Side Next Bracelet

To keep track of which breast you fed from last, simply swap the reminder bracelet from wrist to wrist as you feed.


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